The 8 postpartum products no one tells you about


After having my baby, I was shocked that I couldn’t find the solutions I needed to help me navigate the first year after birth. From the sleep deprivation, extreme hormonal shifts, physical recovery & nutrient depletion, I was in a total deficit and struggling in ways I never had before.

I sought out experts across women’s health from OB-GYNs & dermatologists to dietitians & lactation consultants, and leaned on centuries old global practices to learn how to heal my body. And it became clear: there are things we can do to help, the problem is that here in the U.S., there is no focus on postpartum recovery.It doesn’t have to be this way.

Whether you’re preparing for birth or newly postpartum, here are the 8 clean, evidence-based items you need in your medicine cabinet to nourish and rebuild your body, handle the demands of new motherhood, and feel your best every single day. So you can be there for you & your baby.

  • Hair Loss Serum for the not-so-fun & demoralizing postpartum hair loss that happens to around 50% of moms. After birth, your estrogen levels drop & that leads to shedding. What can you do to grow it back fast? Use this scalp serum daily & keep up your vitamin routine. 

  • Postnatal Multivitamin + Omega-3: Your mood, energy levels & brain function all take a hit postpartum thanks to hormone fluctuations, sleep deprivation & elevated stress. Replenishing levels of key nutrients that have been depleted while your body works overtime is the #1 way to make a difference in how you feel. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re at an even greater deficit. If you were reaching for your prenatal during postpartum, this is your PSA to switch your vitamin. Your prenatal won’t give you enough of what you need, and in some cases (like iron) it’s actually too much and can cause digestive issues and constipation. 

  • Energy Tonic: A solve for those sleepless nights that isn’t multiple cups of coffee a day. In the fog of postpartum, it might feel like more caffeine is your only option, but research shows too much caffeine can cause jitters, exacerbated anxiety, and for some moms, impact their baby’s sleep cycles. 

  • Breastfeeding Prep Kit: organic lactation tea for healthy milk supply & lanolin free organic nipple balm to help prevent & repair painful nipples. If you’re a first time mom or just want a refresher, this is cited by new moms as one of the most helpful pieces we’ve written: lactation 101

  • Skin Repair Cream: Growing a baby for 9 months and postpartum hormones are the culprit for stretch marks and extra dry skin in the months following birth. Good news - a double acting, clean ingredient body butter + stretch mark repair cream designed specifically for postpartum moms does exist (& it was created with dermatologists so you know it has the good stuff).

  • Recovery Tonic: After birth, hormones are plummeting, organs are repairing and wounds are healing. All of this requires extra vitamin C to help form new tissue and produce collagen. Your body can only absorb so much at a time, so adding this healing liquid vitamin to your multivitamin routine works double time to give you an extra boost and helps you drink more water (the other equally important vitamin for new moms).

  • Calming Tea: A nighttime tea that provides stress relief and a reprieve from the anxiety that can get in the way of ‘sleeping when the baby sleeps.’ 

And if you're pregnant and reading this, here is the plan for you (loved by thousands of moms) with everything you need, delivered to you when you need it. Schedule ahead and let us do the work for you.