As a 2nd time mom, these are the 3 products I gift every mom-to-be


As a second-time mom, I've learned so much on my journey to motherhood. While my first experience was beautiful, it also came with its share of challenges and surprises, especially during the postpartum period.

So now, I make it a point to gift every new mom in my life with postpartum products, just for them and their recovery.

They are from a brand dedicated to postpartum, developed with OB-GYNs and 100% breastfeeding safe.

Nipple Balm

Every new mom NEEDS a nipple balm, but more importantly, they need a good one. The Anya nipple balm is that nipple balm. I’ve tried nearly a dozen brands and couldn’t find one that 1) was made from natural ingredients so I don’t have to worry if my baby gets any remnants (a.k.a. no lanolin, which is sheep’s wool and just not something I want in a product that might get consumed) 2) didn’t leave grease stains on my shirts and bras 3) actually works at protecting my nipples (particularly with pumping). Trust me, the discomfort and tenderness are real, and having a good nipple balm on hand is a must.

Postnatal Vitamin

My OB-GYN recommended I switch to a postnatal after birth and that’s actually how I discovered Anya in the first place. Their ingredients are of the highest quality (a big thing I look for in supplements) and it’s only two pills (another big thing for me, I don’t want to take 8 pills). I actually felt a difference in my mood, my focus, my skin, and I didn’t have hair shedding which I was nervous about. The more I’ve learned about what’s going on with our bodies postpartum, I realized why your vitamin routine in that first year especially after birth is critical, so I’m extra vocal about this product (or just ensuring they are taking a vitamin postpartum) with friends because it was that impactful to me.

B12 Energy Drops

As new moms, we are TIRED and our bodies are depleted as well from breastfeeding and stress of new motherhood. I was skeptical at first because I’m a coffee drinker and didn’t really know if they’d work, but truly, they work and the drops help your body create energy, naturally (which I liked so I didn’t overdo it on caffeine). They clear my brain fog a bit, and really help me throughout the day and keep me from dragging in the afternoon. They taste delicious, subtle hint of lemon in my water, and honestly, they were so easy to incorporate right into my Stanley (another mom must-have!). These drops have became a part of my daily ritual, even two years out.



Submitted by Jayme D.