5 OB-GYN Approved Products for Postpartum


After birth, your body needs support more than ever.

The postpartum hormone drop is considered the single largest hormone change in the shortest amount of time for any human being, at any point in their life cycle. As a new mom, this sets off a series of changes you might experience such as postpartum shedding, baby blues and mood fluctuations, skin changes, fatigue,  brain fog and more.  In addition, your body is dealing with the impacts of sleep deprivation, elevated stress, and for many - producing breastmilk. Your body requires a new protocol that supports you from the inside out. Developed alongside OB-GYNs, here are 5 postpartum must-haves to help you through the first year after birth. 


1) Lanolin Free Organic Nipple Balm

A new mom must-have. Formulated to help prevent & repair sore, cracked nipples, this dermatologist-tested balm checks every single box and then some. It is free of lanolin (an ingredient used in many nipple creams that is derived from sheep’s wool), parabens, petroleum and phthalates so you know it’s safe for you and baby. It’s preferred by 9/10 moms over leading competitors, and particularly loved for its effectiveness, mild scent & non-sticky texture.

2) Hair Loss Serum

Scalp Serum

For the not-so-fun & demoralizing postpartum hair loss that happens to roughly 50% of moms. Most hair growth products on the market contain minoxidil or other harmful ingredients that aren’t considered safe to use while breastfeeding. This serum is tested for breastfeeding safety, dermatologist tested and toxicologist approved as well as free of minoxidil, parabens and phthalates. Check out the results here.

3) Postnatal Multivitamin + Omega-3

Postnatal Vitamin + Omega-3

What’s the number one way to make a difference in how you feel postpartum?

Take a postnatal multivitamin with omega-3 daily.

Your mood, energy levels & brain function all take a hit postpartum thanks to hormone fluctuations, sleep deprivation & elevated stress. Replenishing levels of key nutrients that have been depleted while your body works overtime is critical. And if you’re breastfeeding, you’re at an even greater deficit. If you were reaching for your prenatal during postpartum, this is your PSA to switch to a postnatal vitamin. Unlike most vitamin options out there for new moms, this combo is vegan, clean, non-GMO, free of artificial dyes and colorants and it’s 3rd party tested for lead, heavy metals and pesticides. Plus, it includes 300mg omega-3, one of the most important nutrients for a new mom that you often need to buy separately.

4) Organic Lactation Tea

Lactation Tea

Support your milk quality and supply with this organic, nutritious blend (that actually tastes good!). Developed by an expert herbalist, this tea is 100% organic, pesticide-free, purity-tested, gluten-free and toxicologist-approved. We prefer tea over other lactation support options because it promotes hydration which is critical for breastmilk production. Plus, most conventional lactation cookies or bites often contain high amounts of sugar and unnecessary ingredients.

5) B12 Energy Drops

Women require more B12 after childbirth than during pregnancy. B vitamins are critical to energy metabolism. They help convert fat and protein into energy, and almost every cell uses B12 (Think of it like this: it's not a source of energy like caffeine, instead, it gives your body the tools it needs to turn food into energy - to make energy, and keep energy levels up). Adequate B12 status has been shown to play an important role in cognitive function. B12 is also an important nutrient in infant nutrition and is passed from mother to baby in breastmilk.

Anya Energy Drops are a must-have in your new mom routine.