The 8 Items You Need Postpartum That No One Tells You About


So you've got baby covered. What about you?

I had what I thought was an A+ new-mom registry…
Then I had my daughter, and I didn’t use most of it.

She didn’t want to wiggle, jiggle or bounce, we used the bassinet for ONE week before moving her to her crib. I breastfed her everywhere except the rocking chair.

I didn’t have the things I actually needed no one had prepared me for: hair loss, skin changes, hormonal fluctuations, nutrient depletion, exhaustion. Moms aren’t being honestly informed or prepared for the emotional and physical challenges they’ll face in the first year after childbirth, and they certainly aren’t being provided with solutions.

That's why we're creating the Mom Registry. It's the short list of must-have items that you probably haven't been told you need. We asked hundreds of moms what they needed the most postpartum, and what they wished they’d had. 

Scalp Serum

Hair Loss Serum

Estrogen levels fall postpartum, and so does that thick, vibrant pregnancy hair. This shedding season is normal, and nourishing and stimulating the scalp helps with regrowth.

Free of toxic chemicals, 100% vegan, and safe while breastfeeding, this serum is formulated with clinically proven ingredients shown to stimulate hair follicles and promote fuller, thicker hair.

"I am 2 months pp, strictly breast feeding. I typically lose a ton of my hair at this point but with the help of my Anya products my hair is looking and feeling thick along with my nails." - Ashton M.

Postnatal Vitamin + Omega-3

Postnatal Multivitamin + Omega-3

The postpartum body needs more nutrients than ever to heal, sustain energy, and support baby’s nutrition. New moms need targeted formulas—not prenatal vitamins leftover from pregnancy. If there is one item you don't want to forget postpartum, this is the one. 

Women need a different nutrient profile to support postpartum recovery and breastfeeding than during pregnancy, including omega-3 (DHA & EPA) which is missing from many pre and postnatal vitamins. We wanted to make a complete multivitamin to help fill gaps in new mothers’ diets, without her having to take 6-7 pills per day. We made sure our vitamins were not too big, unflavored, easy to take and feature bioavailable ingredients for easy digestion. Best of all, it’s just 2 pills per day.

"Anya has made all the difference in my postpartum journey. The vitamins and supplements give me the energy boost I need in my day. I can tell the difference when I take them. I’ve been in a better mood this time around and breastfeeding has been more consistent as well." - Jenny B.

Lactation Tea

Milk Supply Support

Whether you're unsure of your supply, struggling with production, or just overwhelmed, breastfeeding can be challenging—and it’s been that way for hundreds of years. Prepare ahead of time and have this milk supply support on hand. 

Hydration promotes a steady supply (breast milk is 90% water!), which is why we designed our lactation support formula as a tea. Knowing the pitfalls of lactation teas firsthand, we worked with herbalists to create a blend of galactagogues that’s incredibly effective and off-the-charts delicious.

"I'm a big fan of the lactation tea it gives me the boost I need with quick results." - Juliet T.

Energy Tonic

Energy Drops

Postpartum tired is a whole new level of tired. This Energy Tonic addresses the root issue—depleted nutrient levels—by sustaining energy levels and keeping you hydrated. And to the many new moms that choose to limit caffeine while nursing, we hear you: this refreshing tonic is 100% caffeine-free.

"This is my fourth birth and I definitely notice a difference in my energy post partum since using the energy tonic from my other births!" - Kirsten T.

Nipple Balm

Breastfeeding can be painful—especially if it's your first time. Anya nipple balm heals and protects by nourishing sore, chapped nipples, keeping skin hydrated and elastic, and creating a healing barrier. This formula even soothes itchy nipples and preps them for nursing during pregnancy.

And you don’t need anything sticky, smelly, or mysterious on your body. That's why our Nipple Balm is:

- 100% vegan and made with organic, food-grade ingredients, so you don’t have to wonder if it's safe for you or your baby.

- A lightweight formula that glides on easily and isn't too sticky

- Unscented, so it doesn't bother you or your baby

"I am currently breastfeeding and pumping my newborn and having thisnipple balm has been essential. I use it throughout the day and has made a huge difference when it comes to dryness and bleeding. Definitely a must have!" - Hallie R.

Recovery Drops

New moms are sent home without solutions for recovery support, even though childbirth is a major medical event.

Organs migrate. Skin stretches. There will be wounds. Your body has seen it all, and it needs to heal. Recovery Tonic boosts your daily vitamin C intake to support tissue formation, collagen production, and immunity, and uses traditional herbs to soothe stress and support lactation.

"Used recovery tonic as well after a c Section and had much faster recovery than my first C Section." - Valerie

Body Butter

Body Butter + Stretch Mark Repair

Progesterone levels rise after childbirth, leaving skin dry and flaky—and unprepared for stretch mark recovery. Staying hydrated and smoothing on collagen-supporting body butter helps repair skin asap.

This ultra rich body butter is specifically designed for dry, stretched-out postpartum skin. Created with dermatologists, it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, promote collagen production, and provide lasting hydration. 

"The body butter smells so good and is the only lotion I have found that makes my skin feel hydrated!!" - Jennifer H.

Calming Tea

Calming Tea

Am I doing this right? Where’s the milk? What day is it? Postpartum anxiety is so common, many new moms assume it’s part of parenthood—but it doesn’t have to be. Herbal tea with chamomile helps with relaxation and hydration.

The ingredients in Anya’s Calming Tea nutritionally replenish your body's ability to manage the stress of new motherhood, and the practice of drinking tea for postpartum recovery is longstanding among doulas, midwives, and cultures around the world.

"My anxiety since I have gone back to work has been through the roof, but this tea has been a welcome relief. I feel much more relaxed after I have a cup and it is truly delicious!" - Rebecca W.