I'm a 2nd time mom, and here's what I'm doing differently this time


The #1 thing I learned as a new mom that I’ll do differently the second time around? That I need to take care of myself postpartum. 

There’s so much we’re not prepared for as first time moms, like how hard breastfeeding can be or how demoralizing hair loss can be. And because all of your attention goes to caring for your newborn, there’s no time to think about yourself or try and figure out things that can help. 

In the months after my first was born, I felt exhausted, I was in pain, I was depleted and struggling with huge emotional swings.  

Then, in month 3 postpartum, I was scrolling Instagram and I discovered Anya’s hair loss serum and Postnatal vitamins. I was still taking my prenatal vitamins and had no idea I should be taking something different that was better suited for my body and my needs. My hair started to grow back and my mood felt more stable. I started to feel like myself again. 

What I learned from following Anya was that my body was going through its own physical recovery, the greatest and most abrupt hormone drop I’ll experience in my lifetime and working double time to feed and nourish my baby. I didn’t realize what my body was lacking and how big of an impact the vitamins in particular would have on how I felt day to day. 

This time around, I’m prioritizing my recovery beginning day 1 with Anya’s Postpartum Recovery PlanBeyond just the vitamins & scalp serum, they have products to address each phase of recovery through the first 6 months after birth and beyond. The fact that they will send what I need when I need it and I don’t have to research or take a big effort on my part is pretty incredible. It's so comforting to know that my needs will be taken care of so I can be there for my baby. 

- Heidi, soon to be mom of 2