Feel better after birth.

Feel better after birth.

Your search ends here: postpartum recovery needs all in one place.
Join hundreds of happy mothers

Feel better after birth.

Your search ends here: postpartum recovery needs all in one place.

There’s a plan and product for every pregnancy issue, but that support disappears after childbirth. New moms are often left to figure out how to heal and recover after childbirth on their own.

New and expecting moms: We see you.
We developed Anya because we struggled to find postpartum relief ourselves. We partnered with practitioners across women’s health to address the key issues thousands of women told us they struggled with after childbirth. Lactation, hair loss, next-level exhaustion—we created proven, clean & breastfeeding safe solutions for these top postpartum challenges and more.
  • Energy
  • Hair loss
  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Skin
  • Stress & anxiety


It's clear this company was created by moms. Saving me 10 trips to the store when I can barely shower = lifechanging.


Simple, effective and beautiful products designed specifically to help moms recover.


Postpartum is such a neglected space and can be so confusing to navigate - until now. Wow!


This concept: postpartum subscriptions to help mothers with all of their problem areas (hi hair loss) could not be more brilliant.


Pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be really depleting. And these products are spot on for supporting new mamas.


Postpartum recovery tools are here!!! Changing life for new mamas.


An amazing postpartum nutrition line!

From OB/GYN-reviewed vitamins and nutritionist-formulated tonics, to herbalist-developed teas and dermatologist-tested skincare, we've developed solutions that work and that are safe for you and baby.


Introducing the first-of-its-kind postpartum recovery plan.

A subscription of 3 curated products each month that mirror the stages of postpartum. We're flexible: choose your delivery date, adjust your products, cancel anytime.

Anya is a game-changer.

Agnes Cao

This makes hydrating so much easier and because the water actually TASTES GOOD. I've never used anything like this in the past, but keeping this as a staple going forward.

Debra Friedman

I love how the nipple balm absorbs easily without feeling greasy and leaves my nipples feeling soft again.

Liz Beckhelm

My favorite product! The body butter goes on smoothly, dries quickly without any sticky residue, and rivals some of my favorite high end moisturizers. The smell is delicate and not overly potent and applying the butter feels like a little bit of luxury as you feel it sink into your skin.

Danielle Rappold

LOVE the Energy Tonic. Fresh, crisp, refreshing. It gives me energy throughout the day and is delicious. My husband is obsessed, too.


"After my third baby, my hair fell out in massive quantities. With this serum I feel like I am doing something for my scalp that can proactively help with regrowth and overall health of my hair."


The Recovery Tonic tastes great and gives me my much needed daily dose of vitamin C.


Finally, I don't have to take pre-natal pills for my post-partum needs anymore.

Our Team


Dr. Shamsah Amersi

Named Top Doctors in the US four times, Dr. Amersi has built an integrative practice in LA and delivered over 12,000 babies.
“The lens of how we view the importance of a healthy pregnancy and baby must be extended to healthy mothers. Anya helps fill this void and I am honored to be part of this valuable and much needed community.”

Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian

Julie Devinsky

Julie, lead partner in Anya's product development, focuses on integrative nutrition for women in private practice and previously practiced at Mount Sinai Hospital.
“Anya's core values are perfectly aligned with my own. As a nutritionist, finding well sourced and appropriately dosed supplements can be extremely difficult. It is even more relevant during the postpartum period and women often do not received the proper guidance they need.”


Dr. Jennifer Blakemore

Specializing in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at NYU Langone, Dr. Blakemore is also a Clinical Professor.
“Postpartum is a time that often gets overlooked but can be an important time to get your body on track for a new phase.”


Dr. Karyn Grossman

Dr. Grossman is an internationally-renowned dermatologist in practice in LA and NY.
“Anya is an exceptional platform for new and expecting mothers. There are many resources when it comes to newborns but often they do not address the concerns and needs of the mother. As a working mom myself, I recognize the importance of this information.”

Rooted in Science

  • Backed by clinical research
  • Highest standards of quality
  • Transparency around claims
  • Expert developed solutions
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Finally, postpartum solutions to help you recover and replenish.