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Your postpartum recovery needs all in one place. Clinically-backed products to prepare for what comes after birth.

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Functional products for postpartum healing, plus a comprehensive guide for new moms.

Anya solutions support every stage of recovery.

Developed with OB/GYNs, nutritionists, doulas, lactation consultants, dermatologists and herbalists.

We've created products for

  • Lactation Issues & Breast Pain

  • Hair Regrowth

  • Skin Repair

  • Nutrient Depletion

  • Anxiety

  • Energy

What moms are saying

Agnes Cao

This makes hydrating so much easier and because the water actually TASTES GOOD. I've never used anything like this in the past, but keeping this as a staple going forward.

Debra Friedman

I love how the nipple balm absorbs easily without feeling greasy and leaves my nipples feeling soft again.

Liz Beckhelm

My favorite product! The body butter goes on smoothly, dries quickly without any sticky residue, and rivals some of my favorite high end moisturizers. The smell is delicate and not overly potent and applying the butter feels like a little bit of luxury as you feel it sink into your skin.

Danielle Rappold

LOVE the Energy Tonic. Fresh, crisp, refreshing. It gives me energy throughout the day and is delicious. My husband is obsessed, too.


"After my third baby, my hair fell out in massive quantities. With this serum I feel like I am doing something for my scalp that can proactively help with regrowth and overall health of my hair."


The Recovery Tonic tastes great and gives me my much needed daily dose of vitamin C.


Finally, I don't have to take pre-natal pills for my post-partum needs anymore.

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Month 1

Designed for nipple pain and physical recovery


Month 2

Designed for energy and skin repair


Month 3

Designed for milk supply and hair loss


Month 4

Designed for energy and stress relief


Month 5

Designed for nipple pain and immune function


Month 6

Designed for energy and skin repair


Month 7

Designed for milk supply and hair loss


Month 8

Designed for energy and stress releif


Month 9

Designed for nipple pain and immune function


Month 10

Designed for energy and skin repair


Month 11

Designed for milk supply and hair loss


Month 12

Designed for energy and stress relief


“We must focus on this joyous yet vulnerable period in a women's life by addressing the enormous emotional, physiological, hormonal, social, sexual and economic changes women experience. Anya helps fill this void and I am honored to be part of the valuable and much needed community.”

Dr. Shamsah Amersi, OB/GYN

"Anya listened to real women and moms in the creation of the content map, community, and products. I know it can be a brand where women on many different postpartum journeys can find support."

Dr. Kelsey Kossl, OB/GYN

"I am thrilled to be part of this central platform for educating and supporting women through the postpartum period. "

Dr. Nola Herlihy, OB/GYN

"The other day a client said to me, "I wish there was a platform where I could go for postpartum advice, community, and support." I was so pleased to be able to say that Anya is all of that and more!"

Sarah Moore, Certified Lactation Educator and Doula

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