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Recovery Drops

30 servings; 2 droppers / serving

Organs migrate. Skin stretches. There will be wounds. Your body has seen it all, and it needs to heal. This easy to incorporate liquid vitamin has traditional herbs + 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, a critical nutrient for repairing tissue internally, producing collagen for skin repair and supporting your immunity.

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  • Doctor-Backed
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe for breastfeeding

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What is it?

Organs migrate. Skin stretches. There will be wounds. Your body has seen it all, and it needs to heal. Recovery Tonic boosts your daily vitamin C intake to support tissue formation, collagen production, and immunity, and uses traditional herbs to soothe stress and support lactation.

Why did we make it?

Tonic-curious? Here’s the breakdown: A tonic combines liquid vitamins and herbs with a little flavor in an elixir you can drop in water to supplement your diet with the nutrients critical during postpartum. Food is always the best source of nutrients, but postpartum days get so hectic it can be hard to stay hydrated or focus on your vitamin C intake—and this fresh, invigorating tonic helps new moms do both.

How do you take it?

Add 2 full droppers to 8 oz cold, lukewarm, or warm water. Especially in the first few weeks following birth when warming foods and drinks are ideal for the body, we like to enjoy it in warm or hot water or added to tea.

What are the ingredients?

Amount per serving
Vitamin C
100 mg
Nettle Leaf
proprietary blend
Hibiscus flower
proprietary blend
Shizandra fruit
proprietary blend

Here's why you need this product:

Did you know postpartum moms require 40% more Vitamin C?

Vaginal & C-Section Wound Healing

The body needs vitamin C to make collagen. Collagen is the connective tissue that binds everything together. Especially when you've just given birth, whether by vaginal birth or a C-section, it’s important for healing and rebuilding tissue.

Immunity Support

Vitamin C is a critical micronutrient for supporting the immune defense system, which not only helps to keep you from getting sick, but there is a growing body of evidence that points to the connection between immune function and postpartum mental health.

Skin & Hair Benefits

Called "the skin vitamin," Vitamin C's role in collagen synthesis makes it one of the most important nutrients for hair growth, assisting in antioxidant protection as well as promoting elasticity in the skin.

Decrease Inflammation

After giving birth, you're going through hormonal changes, physical changes, and emotional changes. There are a lot of inflammatory markers that rise during this time, and the vitamin C and herbal blend in the Recovery Tonic is a gentle way to help reduce inflammation and create conditions for healing.

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This product is:

  • Safe while Breastfeeding

  • Registered Dietician Formulated

  • 3rd Party Safety Tested

  • Alcohol Free

  • Vegan

  • No Artifical Colors or Dyes

  • Gluten-Free

What's a tonic?

  • A tonic is a unique and effective liquid vitamin and herbal blend, designed to be added to water, tea or any other drink.

  • Tonics work to help rehydrate the body, particularly important for postpartum moms who require an additional 4 cups of water per day.

  • They’re gentle on the stomach: With traditional supplements, your intestinal wall has to break down the lining of the capsule, but a tonic is a liquid multivitamin that goes straight into your body.

  • Lightly flavored with a refreshing pomegranate flavor, Recovery Tonic is focused on reducing inflammation and producing collagen

What moms are saying about Anya

  • "Used recovery tonic as well after a c Section and had much faster recovery than my first C Section." - Valerie
  • "Recovery Tonic A+. I look forward to drinking the recovery tonic every morning as a tea. It tastes so refreshing and has helped me heal from my c-section quicker than normal" - Jaclyn
  • "1 week postpartum and I have started everyday with the recovery tonic in my water. I swear by it!" - Alicia

Our testing

Because product safety is our top priority, we adhere to the highest standards when it comes to our testing. Every raw material is selected by us and approved by a toxicologist for micro, lead, heavy metals and gluten before it arrives at our manufacturer. Our tonics then undergo finished product batch testing to ensure product integrity as well as third party testing to ensure they are pesticide, gluten and GMO free.

Our manufacturers

Our tonics are made transparently with a visible supply chain from farm to bottle, so you know what you’re putting in your body. Anya tonics are made in Florida in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility using clean label, non-toxic, vegan ingredients. We stand behind a long list of ingredients we will never use, including non-organic preservatives, animal products and alcohol.


Anya packaging is 100% recyclable. Our tonics are filled in FDA-certified glass bottles that can be reused or recycled. Our dropper tops are made with recyclable plastic. Our shipper box was designed purposefully for minimal waste. We will continue to make it a priority to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint when it comes to our packaging, supply chain and manufacturing processes.


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239 Reviews
Reviewed by Tracey L.
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All the essentials

Love having three items shipped directly to me!

I use the recovery, energy tees, and scalp options. Love everyone of them.

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Reviewed by Blake S.
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Recovery Drops
Recovery Drops
I recommend this product
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Great product and tastes good

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Reviewed by Blake S.
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Loving it so far!

So far I've been loving all of my products. I'm feeling great at almost 3 weeks postpartum

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Still have questions?

Can I take my products at the same time?

Yes, all of our products are designed to be taken together or at the same time. We have worked with nutritionists and doctors to ensure that all of our products can be taken together, and combined dosages (particularly with the vitamins, tonics and teas) are appropriate for postpartum and breastfeeding women.

Can I purchase this product individually?

Yes, you can purchase products individually. Our most popular purchase option is our Postpartum Recovery Plan that delivers three products monthly curated to your postpartum stage. The plan is completely flexible and you can edit your product selections or delivery dates anytime.

How do I know it's safe?

Here's what we did to ensure product safety. First, we verified every single ingredient, dosage and product form we used in each product with a toxicologist. Then, we reviewed our product formulas with OB-GYN's, dermatologists and nutritionists for sign-off on safety for breastfeeding mothers. Next, we did 3rd party safety testing on each product to determine the products are pesticide free, non-GMO and gluten-free. As with taking any supplement or using any product while breastfeeding, if you have any questions, it's always a good idea to consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

What is a tonic?

Our tonics are a liquid dietary supplement containing a proprietary blend of vitamins and herbs.

I'm vegetarian, can I take Anya products?

Yes, all of our products are 100% vegan. We take pride in the fact that we worked to find animal-free alternatives to so many products that are commonly found in the market - from bovine gelatin capsules, to lanolin-derived vitamin D, every single ingredient in our products is 100% vegan.

Where are Anya's products made?

All of our products are made in the U.S. in CGMP certified manufacturing facilities.

Are Anya products allergen free?

We encourage everyone, especially if you have allergies, to review our supplements facts panels for a list of all ingredients included in each product. Anya products are major allergen free, with the exception of tree nuts from coconuts (highly refined coconut is used in our multivitamin and coconut oil is used in our nipple balm).

Are Anya products safe for use during pregnancy?

We recommend not to use Anya products during pregnancy. All of our products are tested and approved for safety while breastfeeding, however we have not completed testing to ensure safety during pregnancy. While all of our ingredients are clean and non-toxic, we use several herbs in our teas and tonics that are not recommended for pregnant women.

An example plan for a breastfeeding mother

Safe and effective formulations, designed for your changing needs every month.


Month 1 Box

Designed for nipple pain and immune function


Month 2 Box

Designed for energy and skin repair


Month 3 Box

Designed for milky supply and hair loss


Month 4 Box

Designed for energy recovery and stress relief


Month 5 Box

Designed for nipple pain and immune function


Month 6 Box

Designed for energy and skin repair


Month 7 Box

Designed for milk supply and hair loss


Month 8 Box

Designed for energy supply and stress relief


Month 9 Box

Designed for nipple pain supply and immune function


Month 10 Box

Designed for energy supply and skin repair


Month 11 Box

Designed for milk supply and hair loss


Month 12 Box

Designed for energy supply and skin repair