The Mom Registry


So you've got baby covered. What about you? 

Moms aren’t being honestly informed or prepared for the emotional and physical challenges they’ll face in the first year after childbirth, and they certainly aren’t being provided with solutions. 

That's why we're creating the Mom Registry. It's the short list of must-have items that you probably haven't been told you need. We asked hundreds of moms what they needed the most postpartum, and what they wished they’d had. So, if you're building your registry, add these first. 


Anya Postpartum Recovery Plan

Postpartum Recovery Plan 

 Your one-stop-shop for getting the proper nutritional and topical support with doctor-backed products for inner and outer healing. It's the plan that tackles hair loss, lactation, exhaustion and everything in between.


Cash fund doula

Cash fund for postpartum specialists & childcare

 When we asked moms what they wished they'd been gifted, this was on every single list. Set up a cash fund for a lactation consultant, doula, night nurse, caregiver or housekeeper. And perhaps prioritize this before anything else. 


Elvie cordless breastpump

Cordless breastpump

The ability to pump on the go is a game-changer for new moms. Elvie is the smallest and lightest all-in-one wearable electric breast pump.


Frida mom home from the hospital supplies

Post-birth supplies

For many women, birth recovery is like recovery from a major surgery.  Either take extra from the hospital or ensure you're stocked up on Frida, the cooling pads, witch hazel and peri bottle are an absolute must-have.

Frida mom


Nyssa postpartum underwear

Postpartum underwear and hot & cold packs

A slightly more special take on postpartum underwear and ice packs. Find healing and cooling relief 



Daily Harvest

Meal delivery service

Nourishment postpartum is one of the most important factors to how a new mom is feeling and is often one of the most neglected aspects. Plan ahead with easy-to-make meals in your freezer to ensure healthy, nutritious foods are easily available. 

Daily Harvest


Talk space online therapy

Mental health support

Becoming a mother is the greatest transformation a woman will go through in her life. 80% of new moms experience baby blues and drastic mood swings, and for many that can evolve into something more. A gift card for at-home therapy can go a long way to support a new mom as she navigates this transition. 

Talk space


Lunya Robe

The robe

Don't underestimate the amount of time you will spend in a robe postpartum. Finding one that is soft, breathable, gives easy access for nursing and also makes you feel great is a must-have. 


In home massage - Zeel

In-home massage

In many cultures, massage is a critical part of postpartum recovery as it aids in  improving circulation and reducing toxins in the body. Finding that much deserved hour of me-time will do wonders for your physical and mental health. 



The visitor dress

 For when that surprise guest pops over, you don't have to sacrifice comfort. 


 Motherbees bone broth & granola

Bone broth

The most optimal nourishment for new moms, delivered to your door. 





Food delivery gift card