Sarah Rueven

“I love Anya's mission of supporting every mother during the critical fourth trimester period, a time when new moms struggle the most.”

Sarah's Postpartum Must-Haves

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Vanessa G.

Love, love, love these products! Love that it has everything a Mama needs post partum! The recovery drops taste amazing! The omega 3 doesn't give you a weird aftertaste. The body balm is creamy yet thin doesn't feel too oily on your skin leaving you feeling moisturized. It also doesn't have a super strong fragrance. Tea is delicious! I can't say enough about these products! So happy!

Hebs M.

I wish I knew about this or that existed with my first! I’m 2 weeks post partum and feeling really good so far with the first month recovery box. I’ll definitely be continuing my subscription!!

Ashton M.

I typically lose a ton of my hair at this point but with the help of my Anya products my hair is looking and feeling thick along with my nails. I can tell the difference in my energy level and I love these results!

Jenny B.

Anya has made all the difference in my postpartum journey. The vitamins and supplements give me the energy boost I need in my day. I can tell the difference when I take them. I’ve been in a better mood this time around and breastfeeding has been more consistent as well.

Rebekah R.

I'm so grateful for these products. Anya is like a postpartum doula in bottles! My little one is pushing three weeks, and I've so much more energy this time around, my hormonal regulation is manageable, and my body is healing quite rapidly! Thank you Anya!!!

Missy W.

It's nice to have all these great products ready to go because thinking about what you need after birth is imossible


This is my 4th pregnancy and I wish I would have had the Anya subscription for the first three. It is really convenient and easy to use. I feel like I have more energy and am recovering more quickly from using the vitamins and tonic.

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