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The United States is one of the only countries in the world that does not guarantee any form of national paid leave and only 25 percent of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave through an employer. Nearly one in four women have returned to work within two weeks of giving birth. New mothers are not afforded the time they need to recover from birth and care for their newborns, and the postpartum experience in America falls behind most others. We have the highest maternal mortality rate among wealthy countries, particularly for Black women — a rate that has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Only 6 percent of block grants for “maternal and child health” actually goes to caring for the health of mothers. Meanwhile, paid leave policies support mothers’ and families’ mental, physical, and financial health. They save mothers’ lives.

Our missions at Anya & Boram are to elevate the standard of care for mothers postpartum here in the U.S. We believe the societal shift that needs to happen begins with awareness, education, and access to solutions — and that’s where we come in. But we know this is just one part of the problem.

Join us, Paid Leave for All and partners in calling on Congress and the Administration to take this crisis seriously and to prioritize mothers’ health, lives, and work. We ask our leaders to invest in maternal health and champion and pass paid family and medical leave for all.