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  • Doctor-Reviewed
  • Clean & Non-Toxic
  • Safe for Breastfeeding

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Products formulated for:

  • Lactation Issues & Breast Pain

  • Hair Loss

  • Skin Repair

  • Nutrient Depletion

  • Anxiety

  • Exhaustion

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Our favorite postpartum products that every new mom needs.

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"Anya's postnatal vitamin is designed to fill gaps, not over-supplement. It's about getting you to 100 percent because we hope diet is getting you 90 percent of the way there already."

Julie Devinsky, nutritionist

“Anya shares my vision of helping each woman be cared for with compassion and blends science with a holistic approach to addressing the whole woman - mind, body and spirit.”

Dr. Shamsah Amersi, OB/GYN

“I am very excited for your products. I would absolutely consider these products safe and would recommend them to my patients.”

Dr. Laura Greenbaum, OB/GYN

Safety and quality are our priority. Creating our products in partnership with trusted experts means every Anya product is nutritive, necessary, and specifically balanced for the postpartum body. Every single Anya product is:

  • Doctor-Reviewed
  • Clean & Non-Toxic
  • Safe for Breastfeeding